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LimeLight IPL Therapy

Limelight IPL is a powerful technology that uses a superior type of IPL to rejuvenate your skin. It's highly versatile for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions, hair removal, epidermal and dermal atrophy associated with photoaging, as well as acne and rosacea. We have all spent too much time in the sun unprotected and unaware of how much pigmentation will show up as we enter our 30s and onward. IPL's main purpose is to pull that baked-in pigment out of the skin and to reduce the redness from broken capillaries and rocasea. IPL is your best option when it comes to browns, reds, and uneven skin tones on the face, neck, chest and body.

What it treats


Face, Neck + Decolete


Shoulders + Back


General Sun Damage


How it works

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy uses a controlled burst of a wide spectrum light that targets and addresses several issues within the skin. The overall goal of IPL Therapy is to eliminate irregularities in skin tone and pigmentation. IPL targets brown pigments and sunspots that are below the surface of the skin layers as well as broken capillaries and diffused redness on the surface of the skin.


Over a series of four treatments we focus on the darkest pigments and work our way up through the spectrum to clear the skin's irregularities in complexion and damage caused by the environment, aging, and sun exposure. Each subsequent treatment uses an increase in energy to target the lighter remaining pigments.

Financing available. Click below or inquire within.

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