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Stretch Mark Removal

Surgeons and dermatologists in the industry using lasers, microneedling, chemical peels and other techniques to remove stretch marks tend to provide underwhelming results. It wasn't until Dallin took training in the permanent makeup world that he discovered the Inkless method. This very obscure and niche technique of microneedling has been exploding due to its undeniable success in reducing the apearance of stretch marks. With Dallin's extensive knowledge and training in medical aesthetics, he now combines the incredible results of the Inkless method with Laser Genesis to maximize the end result like no other provider available on the market.

What it treats

hip treatment area

Hips + Love handles

leg treatment area


arm treatment area

Upper arms

stomach treatment area


How it works

This dry needling technique is unparalleled by any other service provider and was discovered in the permanent makeup world. Very few providers are trained or certified in medical aesthetics, making Optimal Body the only provider of the Inkless method that combines medical grade ZO Skin Health products with the treatment as well as the addition of Laser Genesis to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the technique. Experience a natural, all-inclusive treatment designed to tackle stretch marks of every shade - whether they're red, purple, or white. Specifically tailored to address deep-set stretch marks, this procedure offers a non-invasive approach, reminiscent of getting a tattoo. We use the ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Accelerator to improve cellular turnover, reconstruction and rejuvenation of Fibroblast cells, collagen, and elastin. Our treatment significantly improves the texture, depth, and colour contrast of stretch marks, helping to blend them into your skin. Each treatment is completed with a series of Laser Genesis treatments that reduce the size and texture of the scar tissue, and helps to even out the skin tone and contrast between healthy skin and compromised stretch mark tissue.


This requires no extended downtime, as our gentle technique ensures minimal recovery time. You will notice some redness, raised areas, and inflammation in the treated region, this is all part of the process. These temporary effects are entirely normal and will gradually subside within a few days. Typically, each session entails a duration of 1-2 hours which includes the dryneedling and laser genesis treatment. The precise time required depends on the specific characteristics and size of the treatment area. To attain the desired results, it is often necessary to undergo a series of 3-6 treatments.

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